Terms & Conditions

By purchasing this product, I, in consideration of Wilderness Golden State JOAD and this club/range permit the student or students, whose name(s) appears associated with this order, to participate in their program and do hereby consent to such participation and in the event of injury or accident do hereby release, discharge and absolve Wilderness Golden State JOAD, the program volunteers, leaders and coaches from any and all liability of responsibility therefore.

Safety Notice

When safety rules are not followed, archery can be dangerous. Although injuries are rare, they still can happen. If you wish to have your child participate in this program, you must be aware of the dangers of a shooting sport. Shooting archery in our program will be conducted under the course supervision of an approved N.A.A. Instructor who will minimize all possible dangers. By agreeing to these terms you give us your permission to render basic first aid, should the need arise.

In order to demonstrate or to show your child how to accomplish the proper bow arm position, back tension, stance, release, etc., sometimes the instructor may need to touch arms, shoulders, neck, head, hands, feet and back to help place them into the correct shooting position. By agreeing to these terms, you are expressing that you do not object to your child being touched within these parameters.

By attending a Wilderness Golden State JOAD class, lesson, camp, or event you are accepting the chance that you or anyone else attending said event may have their picture taken at some time and waive any and all claims to compensation of any kind that may arise from said photographs.

Instructor has the right to refuse any student, parent or guardian who does not follow the Archery Range Rules and does not conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.