Independence Day Fun Shoot, 900 Round, A Benefit for our local Veterans

Save the date for our Annual Shoot for the Cure.
Location: Discovery Park, Sacramento, CA.
July 9th, 2023
Fun Shoot for all ages!
Come dressed in your Red, White and Blue!
Shoot in yards or meters (choose when registering)

This event is for fun and to raise money for our Local Veterans Group
Awards for all age divisions/bow styles
Root beer or Orange Soda Ice Creams Floats for all participants’ at the end!

Event Format:
The 900 Round is a long to medium-distance competition that usually can be completed in about two and a half hours. It is shot over three separate distances (60, 50 & 40 meters). It consists of ninety total arrows, thirty at each distance, each worth a maximum of ten points. The maximum score is 10×90=900 points, which is where the name of the round is derived.

The 900 Round is a Target Round meaning an archer shoots at only one target for the entire round and shoots from level ground. Multiple archers will shoot at the same 122cm target during a 900 Round.

A 900 Round consists of 5 ends of 6 arrows shot at three different distances for a total of 90 arrows at a standard 122cm 10-ring target: (5 ends x 6 arrows = 30 arrows) x 3 distances = 90 arrows. The three distances are 60 meters, 50 meters and 40 meters. A perfect score of 90 arrows all hitting the 10 ring would be 900 points.

There is a 4 minute time limit for each end — which is plenty of time to shoot slowly with proper control. There’s no need to rush.

Standard archery whistle/timing light commands are used to signal the start and end of the shooting time.

For scoring, each ring from the outside is worth one additional point, except the innermost gold ring. This means that the rings are worth:

White 1 & 2 Points
Black 3 & 4 Points
Blue 5 & 6 Points
Red 7 & 8 Points
Gold 9 & 10 Points