Wilderness Golden State JOAD

Wilderness Golden State JOAD is a year round archery program designed for youth archers who are committed to developing their form and skills as they pertain to archery. This is a structured program with regular scheduled class sessions. The archers meet year round and must keep their attendance at an 85% level or they can be removed from the club roster.

We meet a minimum of three out of four Saturdays per month and often times more depending on the tournament schedule. Parent involvement is required at a minimum of 30 hours per year assisting with fundraisers. Our club travels to various tournaments in California requiring parents to assist with driving along with walking the Field archery ranges with their kids (safety reasons). JOAD has an annual membership fee as well as monthly dues.

Want to join the Sacramento Wilderness Golden State JOAD team?

Requirements for joining our Recreational Section of the JOAD Club are as follows:

  • Attend an Introductory class provided by our club and successfully passing
  • Have had previous archery experience that can be validated by our instructional staff
  • Attended one of our summer camp programs and complete it successfully
  • 6 months or more participation in another JOAD club that can be validated
  • Coached by a previous NAA or NFAA Certified Instructor that can be validated

Please contact us at mail@wildernessjoad.com

Thank you,
Lisa, Justin, Matt, Julie, Jack & Rick